Hamburg Sternschanze

Hotspot since 1996

Slightly hidden in the backyard are the offices of Fork Unstable Media. Somewhere between a former medical warehouse, a former horse stable and a legendary party basement, a very special subculture has developed here.

Founded in 1996 by two American and one German design students, Fork quickly made a name for itself with challenging and idiosyncratic projects in all areas of digital communication. The agency has always been a melting pot of different people from different countries and disciplines. The unifying element is a distinct DIY ethos and a schizophrenia that is common among "typical Forkies": Although you work in an agency, you tend to be critical of media and commercial hypes. Perhaps this tension is the secret of the agency – friction as a source of energy and incentive to deliver work that goes beyond boring solutions and entertaining trends.

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Subcultural landscape

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Juliusstraße 25

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