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Hanseatic Help

We support people in need as well as charitable organizations in Hamburg and around the world.

The summer of 2015 and the year of "Wir schaffen das" (We can do this) was a time marked by great volunteer work and civic engagement. At that time, Hanseatic Help  was founded in the "Kleiderkammer Messehallen" to directly relieve the humanitarian plight of refugees in Hamburg.

As part of our triad of strategic consulting, operative media work and personal commitment, we have supported the association pro bono since its foundation.

A very special highlight every summer is the „Dein Zelt kann ein Zuhause sein – ein Schlafsack kann Leben retten“  ("Your tent can be a home – a sleeping bag can save lives") campaign. Every year thousands of people visit the Hurricane and Deichbrand Festivals and leave their sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tents behind after a weekend of partying.

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Hanseatic Help collects these sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tents, and then cleans and distributes them to provide shelter from the rain and cold for homeless people in Hamburg and beyond.

On each day of the respective festival, we are on-site with a colorful crew of association members, volunteers, and colleagues: to inform visitors at our own festival stand, talk to media and influencers and motivate performers to call for donations during their concerts.

Communication can build bridges, draw different worlds closer together, and connect passionate people with one another."

Julika Hettlich, Senior Consultant Corporate Social Responsibility at fischerAppelt

"Communication can build bridges, draw different worlds closer together, and connect passionate people with one another. This is something we've been experiencing in a particularly beautiful and emotional way with our partnership with Hanseatic Help for the past five years. It's a project that's very close to our hearts and gives everyone on the team a lot of motivation when undertaking their day-to-day work," says Hettlich.

In 2020, Hanseatic Help will celebrate its 5th anniversary. The clothing warehouse has grown up and has become a permanent fixture in aiding the needy in Hamburg.

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Over 7 million in-kind donations were accepted, sorted, and distributed during this time – both within the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and through humanitarian aid to troubled regions worldwide.

In 2020, the festival summer had to be canceled due to Coronavirus, which means that the association is short more than 3,000 in-kind donations for homeless people. In order to fill this gap, we are supporting the association in its current "Wärme geben"  (Give warmth) campaign and together are calling for in-kind and monetary donations to make the Hamburg winter a little more bearable for those in need.

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Julika Hettlich

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility