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Agenda N

Our path to climate neutrality

Agencies are designers of society. We guide companies in their dialogues with people. Through our work, we shape communication and perception. We are essential service providers and partners for brands and companies. We follow economic aims and create economic values.

With Agenda N, we want to live up to our specific responsibility in our core business. We are focusing, through concrete measures, on a substantial reduction of CO2.

fischerAppelt Footprint 2019

CO2 footprint of the fischerAppelt Group for 2019 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Aim: Climate neutral by 2025

That would put us some way ahead of the German climate protection target of achieving a CO2 reduction of at least 55% by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050.

Our way:

Based on our calculated footprint, we engage at the point where most of our emissions arise: business travel, electricity consumption and vehicle fleet. We are substantially reducing our CO2 footprint in Scope 3 and 2 through reduction and avoidance.

fischerAppelt Goals 2020 to 2025

We have set concrete savings targets for the coming years. We plan to already achieve a reduction of up to 20 % of our CO2 footprint this year. The first publication of a sustainability report is planned for 2021.

Co-creation of Agenda N

All of our employees, together, will change our agency through a number of further measures and initiatives, not necessarily directly related to our emissions footprint. Our colleagues were all given the opportunity to advance their own ideas for how we can become more sustainable as a group. The process generated outstanding ideas, from the optimised avoidance of data waste to sustainable mobility concepts at the agency's sites and effective ideas for clients.

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