Insights into the minds of Gen Z

What moves Gen Z? That's the question we're seeking answers to together with the opinion research institute Appinio  – in our new "Teengeist" unit with our media partner W&V .

Tracking down the teen spirit

We now have a dedicated unit that analyzes how our young people think, what music they listen to, who their role models are and what their political and social issues are – summarized: how the Gen Z works.

The platform, which we developed together with Appinio, is an offer to companies, brands, organizations and everyone who wants to reach this generation as a target group.

Our competence unit deals exclusively and intensively with the Generation Z and thus gets to the bottom of the teen spirit.

Eugenia Lagemann, Managing Board

Generation Z

In contrast to the previous generations Y or X the Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2012) is growing up in a digitalized world with smartphones, computers and social media. Channels, topics and entertainment aspirations are therefore much more fragmented in the teenage age group.

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In addition to questions about the media usage, we will regularly address trend topics and analyze attitudes and perspectives from the everyday lives of teenagers.

Competence unit Teengeist

The unit enters together with the real-time market research company Appinio into a monthly dialog with the target group. They interview around 1,000 teenagers in Germany in the age from 15 to 19. Exciting insights about the young target group are deduced from this. This is the only way to analyze how brands and companies can effectively reach this generation.

Our client offer:

  • Analysis of micro trends
  • Collection of data & insights on specific communication & marketing topics
  • Analysis, planning & implementation of value-adding digital ecosystems
  • Target group specific content & communication for products or companies
  • Targeting for campaigns

Teengeist report volume 1

We present the results of the studies in our Teengeist report, which will be published regularly. In addition to questions about the media usage of teens, we always pick up a current trend topic. In our first issue, we not only give an insight into the mindset of Gen Z, but also ask them about current topics such as the Corona pandemic and the US election.

Teengeist report volume 2

We got all insights of the Gen Z in our Teengeist reports. The second issue is on the one hand about the the mindset of the Gen Z and on the other hand about their buying behavior.

Please note that the report is in German.

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