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Hamburg Eimsbüttel

The creative minds of Philipp and Keuntje

Philipp und Keuntje  was founded in January 1999 in a former parish hall in St. Pauli and is now based in the former Freeport Office in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. "United at last" was the motto back then.

When all PUK colleagues moved into the former customs office on the border to Hafencity together, the pulsating life also moved into the new quarter. And just like PUK itself, it has been growing ever since. The district with its modern architecture and the Unesco World Heritage Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel is a creative mix that, like the new building itself, is also inspiring. During an up and downhill ride in the unique paternoster, for example, the creative performance of applicants can already be checked out.

A starting team of 14 people became more than 200 colleagues today. Three customers have become a whole range – from B2C to B2B, from automotive and financial services to wind energy and FMCG.

Our motto "New is normal" stands for a culture of curiosity and ensures that we constantly question and, if necessary, reinvent ourselves. Not unimportant for customers who have remained loyal to us for many years and to whom we want to give new impulses again and again.

Hamburg Eimsbüttel

Eimsbütteler Straße, Altona-Nord 64

22769 Altona, Hamburg