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MYVAN, the Mercedes-Benz platform, has born its own YouTube star

Lumberjack shirt, wool hat, nerdy glasses and a pinch of brainy humour are the trademarks of Chris Morrin. The Chris Morrin Show on MYVAN’s YouTube channel  lends recognition value to the media brand.

In his YouTube tutorials, Morrin talks about things worth knowing from the world of vans. Quick cuts, the right music and comedy round out the video blogger’s performance. 682,000 users have seen the YouTube shows to date.

Mercedes-Benz Vans | Chris Morrin Show - Car Load 


  • PR Report Award 2015
  • Deutscher Digital Award 2015 - Shortlist
  • Internationaler Deutscher PR-Preis 2014
  • Annual Multimedia Award in Silber
  • PR KLAPPE 2014 - Shortlist