“No service” is no longer an excuse

The interactive app gives congstar users the best excuses for getting rid of unwanted callers.

A young man and his friends are on the way to a football match. When his girlfriend calls, he cuts her off by pretending to be in a black spot. Although he is satisfied at first, his friends quickly put him right- thanks to congstar’s excellent network quality, there are no black spots. So this excuse no longer cuts it.

The story, in the form of a TV clip, is part of the campaign for congstar’s Allnet Flat. Accompanying this campaign, our digital agency Fork Unstable Media  has developed an online brand campaign.

Thanks to congstar’s great network quality, congstar customers need to get creative when it comes to ridding themselves of unwanted callers. This is where the congstar “excuse lottery” comes into play -a dynamic, dual-device Facebook competition app.

Participants will have the chance to win a new compact smartphone by placing a real call to the guys in the clip. If the participant wins, he or she will be told immediately on the phone. Otherwise, they’ll hear an excuse. In order to make it easier for congstar users to come up with excuses, the app not only offers the campaign virals, but also an “excuse machine” – an interactive soundboard to provide the right background noises for excuses such as “I’m just at the station” or “I’m on safari”, making them sound totally realistic.


  • W³ Award Online Campaign - silver
  • W³ Award Social Content - silver
  • Lovie Awards Online Advertising - Shortlist
  • Lovie Awards Social - Shortlist
  • Webby Award - Official Honoree