Birkenstock 1774

Your favourite designer's favourite designer

Tradition redesigned: We let bright worlds of colour meet monochrome design, large galleries meet heightened mood films. Design-lovers can interactively discover their favourite pieces of the new Birkenstock 1774 website.

Unobtrusive, flexible and space for design.

Our task: To create a new visual world for Birkenstock 1774 integrated in the existing website. A design that's as unobtrusive as possible and a flexible concept with room to develop the design.

Discover the world of designers

We designed a website that functions through its visual language. Users can also exploratively dive into the world of designers. We have remained loyal to the existing visual vocabulary of Birkenstock whilst nevertheless managing to take it one step further.


The concept is strictly visual: The result lives from movement, initial idea presentations are animated.

1774 is interactive

Lots has changed since the company was established in 1774: In addition to the cult-classic sandals, the brand now also includes designer collections. We've developed a framework that works for everyone: special templates that can be adapted to suit each campaign, interactive gallery modules that align with the individual design worlds.

For an orthopaedic shoe brand, the designs are unexpectedly stylish and possess an almost avant-garde character.