Mercedes-Benz: Aging in style

Celebrating the Mercedes-Benz anniversary with a special car – and its owner

A portrait of Mohamed El Bacha, a taxi driver from Essaouira, Morocco. His trusty companion: a Mercedes-Benz 240 D  which is over 40 years old and, despite covering millions of kilometres, is still in service. Mohamed El Bacha and his Mercedes-Benz have been working together for 25 years day-in, day-out.

„Let others speak about you“ is the conceptual approach for the film on the 80th anniversary of the launch of the Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. The advantages of the Mercedes-Benz products, such as longevity, robustness and reliability, are conveyed by an authentic third party who has a direct connection to the product. In this case, it concerns an old stroke eight model that is still in daily use and is loved by its likable, almost comical, owner – a Moroccan taxi driver.


The focus is on the awareness of the subject and thus the total coverage of the video on the individual channels, which on Facebook alone reached 285,400 (purely organically). This led to 88,839 video call-ups. In addition to this, there were 158,373 views on YouTube  and countless impressions on Twitter and the website. The viewer retention rate on YouTube was above average at 68 %.