Fischer Appelt performance Performance SEA

We place content where the target group sees it

The right online marketing mix for more visibility and traffic

We make sure that the right content is published at the right time on the web. We expand our reach and generate specific traffic for the target group. We manage your online marketing campaigns, generate high-quality leads and help you increase your company's sales with the right mix of social media marketing, display, SEA, retargeting / remarketing and affiliate marketing.

We find out what moves customers

We find out what moves users and lead the target group specifically to conversion. In this context we display personalized solutions that satisfy individual needs. We take over the strategy development, the set-up, the coordination of the technical implementation, the setup of the account structures with the respective tools and partners as well as the continuous optimization for our clients. We achieve the performance goals of your company quickly, scalably and sustainably, using the entire range of online marketing possibilities with the appropriate digital strategy: Social media marketing in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing, search engine marketing (SEA) with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising as well as affiliate marketing and retargeting / remarketing.

We achieve maximum performance for your business with a targeted user approach and intelligent display of advertising material.

Markus Herrmann, Director Digital Marketing

Target group address

As a digital agency specializing in performance marketing we know exactly how to best address target groups. Our team consists of certified professionals who manage social media, search, display, shopping, video and remarketing.

We place companies

We address users with digital advertising and intelligent content playout and place companies in the relevant set of the target group. As a full-service performance marketing agency we offer our clients customized solutions including the services of classic SEA agencies and social media agencies.

Our Performance Marketing Services


  • Effective search engine advertising
  • Stock analysis and strategy development
  • Sophisticated Bid Management
  • Experience in handling extensive, international account structures and large keyword sets
  • Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing)
  • PPC, Display, Retargeting

Data-based, dynamic display of advertising material

  • International campaign management
  • Retargeting, re-activation and after-sales campaigns
  • Onsite reactivation
  • Pay per click payment model
  • Feed creation
  • Strategic planning
  • Google Display, Facebook

Affiliate/ Cooperations

  • Pay-per-Lead/Sale
  • Direct cooperation with top portals in all industries
  • Cooperation with Europe's leading affiliate network
  • Cooperation with high quality publishers
  • Application of cookie switches

Paid Social

  • Multi-Channel display of social networks
  • Broad placement portfolio
  • Segmentation and targeting for high relevance
  • Lead generation and conversions
  • App Installations
  • Maximum output for every budget
  • Social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Xing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat

Special projects

  • Attribution modeling
  • Data management platforms
  • Innovative app download campaigns
  • Advertising despite adblockers