The Chase Down: Pit stop for Sebastian Kienle

Mercedes-Benz surprises the well-known triathlete with a special pit stop.

A lonesome road in the mountains, IRONMAN world champion 2014 Sebastian Kienle on his bicycle. He is preparing to win this years IRONMAN. Two blackened vans are approaching from behind. Suspense. Until the two mysterious vehicles stop right in front of him. A pit stop crew jumps out and refreshes surprised Kienle. Only seconds later, everything is over. The two vans disappear and all they leave behind is a confused IRONMAN champion.


Sebastian Kienle is brand ambassador of Mercedes-Benz . Of course he is supported by the V-Class as Mercedes-Benz supports high performance sports in general. Such as Formula 1, DTM or, in this case, Triathlon. In Europe you would interpret the two blackened V-Class AMG Lines as threatening, especially under the shown circumstances.

Our approach was to create a very unique and outstanding sound experience. Every audio element was composed to support the arc of tension and the story itself. Every sound you hear in the clip is made or captured afterwards seperately from the film shooting. Wether it is the spinning noise of the bicycle wheel or the sound of the spray can, every little snippet was captured by a professional sound engineer. We used a racing bike equipped with multiple microphones to immitate different gear settings or the pedal frequency.

The Chase Down: Pitstop für Kienle