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Stories about green commitment

How smart’s fascinating web format creates excitement about sustainability

More and more people everywhere are enthusiastic about living a green lifestyle, including three extraordinary New Yorkers who lead environmentally conscious lives in the metropolis. Andrew Cote is one of them: he is an urban beekeeper who breeds bees in the very heart of New York City.

Smart green commitment fischer Appelt

His smart Electric Drive takes him to his 50 hives in sometimes extravagant places, such as on the roof of the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. In this way he proves that sustainability, mobility and urbanity are not mutually exclusive.

The fascinating web format “Stories about green commitment” for the car brand smart shows authentic portraits of urbanites who are especially passionate about sustainability. The fascinating format about an environmentally conscious life in the city has also become a hit on the Internet: in no time, the series accumulated more than 100,000 clicks and immediately received positive feedback in various blogs and forums.