Rise Together

Mercedes-EQ for social change

The Mercedes-EQ  Formula E Team does not only strive for podium places – our content experts  convey with "Rise Together" how social change and sporting success work.

The Mercedes-Benz Sub-Brand EQ embodies the concept of progressive luxury in the market for electric cars. The spirit of innovation and sustainability are two examples for the brand values, which are also reflected in the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team.

The team has set an important goal at the starting line for the second Formula E season: social change goes beyond the borders of the racetrack.

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Mercedes-EQ drives from the racetrack to the streets of the racing cities in the movie "Rise Together". It's dedicated to five key topics: team spirit, decarbonization, friendship, innovation, freedom.

A father who wants to give his daughter a green future, a group of like-minded skaters, a fully electric SUV, wild nights in the light of the clubs and a committed Formula E team – everyone deserves a vote when it comes to the future of their city.

Social change begins with each individual and only succeeds when everyone pulls together. This is how the hero film draws the right résumé: „Rise Together. Drive Together.“

The film  resigns big promises and spectacular scenes from motorsport and concentrates on the essentials. The hero film integrates the statements of the actors into the “We Drive The City” campaign of the Mercedes-EQ team with the appropriate visual language and thus combines the core topics in a meaningful form.

The campaign "Rise Together" embodies a modern attitude and combines new lightness of electric mobility with motorsport.

Mirco Völker, CEO

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