Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory

From Scotland to Japan

The brand and company story of Beam Suntory

For 5 years, we have helped curate the brand and company communications of Beam Suntory. From the flagship Jim Bean to Japanese whisky, the brand portfolio features something for every taste and the ideal spirit for every target group. We created event-related brand experiences for relevant target groups and stakeholders:

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Launch events: The unveiling of new products whereby journalists, relevant stakeholders from the on-trade market and representatives from trade and sales can engage in intensive discussions on new products.

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On-trade brand activations: Whether it’s a distillery visit or bartender competitions – bartenders are developed into key brand disseminators and ambassadors.

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Brand experiences: End consumer communications and reaching new target groups via lifestyle PR and influencer relations.

Eugenia Lagemann

Managing Board