Equipped for the future

We’re developing a new visual brand identity

AEB is equipping itself for the future by repositioning its company and brand. In a visual sense, the company has undergone a complete transformation: LIGALUX created a new corporate design that marks a departure from industry-typical branding.


AEB  is one of the leading suppliers of IT solutions for logistics and international trade. Over 5000 companies worldwide use the software produced by the SME. In addition to the brand repositioning, we were tasked with developing a visual identity that would align with the innovative and future-oriented approach of the company without impacting its pragmatism and support.

The new brand identity is just as agile as the company itself.

AEB Pappen 800x600 2

AEB received a trim new logo for a new modern and future-proof appearance. The AEB acronym remains, however the previous word and figurative mark was transformed into a clear, compact word mark with its own characteristics. It has been transformed into a unique figurative mark. Its open letters make it more approachable, friendly and dynamic. The flexible use suggests agility and vitality.

The classic AEB red will remain, as it is recognised by customers and almost unique in the software and logistics industry. A striking graphic element brings all future AEB measures together under a clear visual bracket. With a meander in the new colours red, blue and purple, the agility and adaptability of AEB is reflected throughout the new design.

AEB Pappen 800x600 4

A lively Corporate Design Manual enabled consistent on-brand implementation of the new design without regimenting it in too rigid structures. This ensures the brand stays dynamic and adaptable.

Internal brand launch

On the Move

A new brand also needs to be launched internally. In order to introduce the content and identity of the branding to AEG employees, we assisted with the internal launch of the corporate design. At an employee celebration organised by AEB, the new company headquarters in Stuttgart were simultaneously inaugurated and moved into.
Through a joint march  from the old to the new building, the employees were literally introduced to the new brand step by step. They were accompanied by banners and posters and their own branded energy bars and water bottles for strength and refreshment.

AEB Pappen 800x600 3

The visual centrepiece of the AEB brand relaunch is the new website. The structure and content of the corporate website go instantly hand-in-hand with the new, future-oriented and colourful look of AEB. Sufficient white space facilitates light visuals and the use of the new world of colours sets fresh accents. The basic layout inspired by atomic design can always be adjusted in line with the ongoing requirements of the software company without any issues and will be constantly developed internally.

Stefanie Kornfeld

Managing Director