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We launched DB's Pride Ride campaign in recognition of the LGBTIQ* movement

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To mark the start of the Christopher Street Day season, DB lit a beacon for diversity and acceptance with its Pride Ride campaign. Just like many events, the CSD parade was unfortunately cancelled due to the corona pandemic. It’s therefore more important than ever that support is voiced for the LGBTIQ* movement through other avenues.


We created the “We support you – Pride Ride with Deutsche Bahn” ad for DB which can be found on the landing page  and various other locations. The idea, concept and production were all the brainchild of the Berlin team led by Creative Director Markus Hansgen.

Now, more than ever, it's important to display your stance and subscribe to the values of an open, tolerant society. We are proud to have worked with the entire DB Group in this regard – also extending beyond CSD season.

Mirco Völker, Managing Director fischerAppelt, play

With its motto “Pride is every day”, the ad displays how tolerance is practised at the DB Group and within the LGBTIQ* community.