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It’s time to wave goodbye to allergies!

Virtual rooms for allergy sufferers: to chat, share links and get information

Allergies are always in high season: insects buzz from February to November, house dust mites torment in the winter months – and pollen is released all year round. We require people who suffer severe allergies for precisely this reason.

As a research-oriented pharmaceutical company, the allergy specialist ALK-Abelló has assumed this role. Together we have helped to inform sufferers how they can receive causative treatment – for a life without allergies!

Allergy knowledge for all: Platforms on the reality of living with allergies

IALK-Abelló operates several platforms in Germany and Austria to optimally meet the needs of allergy sufferers. One of these platforms is and the Facebook page .

We use the Facebook page to provide support to sufferers in their daily lives. We combine education with entertainment in a range of formats to provide a daily dose of entertainment and encourage involvement. A wide range of topics are covered: Nutrition, hygiene, travel, work, treatments – for the whole family.

Insect venom allergy: A topic that often arises in summer for the allergiecheck community

During the summer months, the Facebook page is dedicated to the allergic reactions that can occur after being stung by wasps, bees, hornets or bumblebees. Insect venom allergy sufferers are particularly at risk of suffering the most severe allergic reaction from a sting: anaphylactic shock.

ALK-Abelló publish information on insect venom allergies on the Facebook page and the website initiative Insektengiftallergie . ALK-Abelló also cooperates with bloggers and experts on this topic and produces true-to-life informational material.

Humour doesn't take the back seat in this approach, with plenty of entertaining memes published on the various channels. They offer a light-hearted way to approach topics within the community – allergies are serious enough, why not have a little fun?

Eva Weghmann

Managing Director