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Be first. Drive electric.

International smart EQ fortwo & forfour launch campaign

“Be first. Drive electric.” – smart unveils its international campaign to mark the launch of the smart EQ fortwo & forfour, the first production vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz Cars EQ family. The courage required to venture into new territories and the joy of giving new trends the initial push form the central points of the digital-based campaign.

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Second loves the beat. First is the beat.

The cinematic manifest ad makes a clear statement on electromobility at the start of the campaign: “Be first. Drive electric.” The moving vignette ad with music from The Vaccines paves the way for the smart EQ fortwo & forfour.

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Second goes to the beach. First goes everywhere.

The product film highlights the design and innovative features of the smart EQ fortwo & forfour in a humorous and eye-catching way through a series of stories about everyday life. The city once again forms the backdrop for the perfect urban electric car: from the ready-to-share feature to the quick charger and smart EQ control app.

First date kiss – yes or no?

In the age of Facebook and Tinder, blind dates are hardly a rarity these days. The nerve-racking feeling of meeting a complete stranger and not knowing what will happen next is mirrored as the first experience with the electric car in the ad. For the “Magic date drive” social media campaign, the smart EQ fortwo & forfour models were placed in several European big cities and some extraordinary blind dates followed. The exciting and zesty pairings created a fun, emotional and surprising test drive experiment that led to a great number of entertaining content snippets.

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Magic Date Drive

From the streets to…

The authentic editorial series “Be first stories” is narrated by interesting influencers such as fashion designer Gaelle and street musician Frederik.

The editorial film portrait follows the protagonists through their personal “Be first moments” and captures the excitement before their first live performance and the nerves before their first fashion show.

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Be first-stories

Live on stage. For the first time.

The excitement before performing live for the very first time – the “Be first story” from the street musician Frederik, who left behind street music for the big stage. It may be the first moment in his life when he can finally present his music to a wide audience. What was your first moment?

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Street Musician Frederik

An own fashion show. For the first time.

The nerves before her first fashion show – smart EQ fortwo & forfour follow fashion designer Gaelle on the journey to her first big fashion show. Be there when she takes her passion to a new level and presents her creations to the audience.

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Fashion Designer Gaelle

In a star-rated kitchen. For the first time.

The first time in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant – smart EQ fortwo & forfour accompany chef Claudia on the culinary adventure of a lifetime. It may be the moment of her life that she’ll never forget.

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smart EQ fortwo & forfour How-to Videos

Short and entertaining how-to videos that explain the key features of the smart EQ fortwo & forfour models. Issues on the topic of electro mobility are explained with a certain light touch: charging, range and the intelligent features of the smart EQ control app and smart ready to share.