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Keynote talk on the subject of female leadership

fischerAppelt News

fischerAppelt News

The annual highlight of the communications industry took place on 22 and 23 September. The focus theme at the Communications Congress 2022 was presence

Eugenia Lagemann, part of the Managing Board of fischerAppelt, took the opportunity to invite top female communicators to a keynote talk followed by dinner to discuss the topic of the presence of women in communication. Communicators still face enormous challenges when it comes to behaviour, criticism or careers. It's time for a change!

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Tanita Karkuth

Together with Mission Visible speakers Jule Lobo (journalist, podcaster and columnist) and Anna Kühn (GenZ expert, fischerAppelt Teengeist Study), Eugenia Lagemann discussed the challenges women still face when it comes to behaviour, criticism or career with the guests. This included the topic of how "The Next Generation Female" will manifest. What are their ideas and values? And what kind of communication does it take to reach GenZ? Exclusive insights from the GenZ Teengeist Study on the topic of female leadership were presented.

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Tanita Karkuth


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