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Edition F: Women on the verge of nervous breakdown

This is what our 15th podcast episode "Monsters of Content Marketing" is about

Dirk Benninghoff

Dirk Benninghoff


This monster knows content from the bottom up: Already at 13 she wanted to be a journalist, says Nora-Vanessa Wohlert. But then she ended up at fischerAppelt. Voluntary service. A year and a half that "shaped her for life". Afterwards she became one of the agency's best-known alumna. Reason: Nora founded together with Susann Hoffmann Edition F  – one of the most important platforms for modern feminists. A contact point for business and career as well as for social topics and lifestyle.

In the new edition of our podcast Monsters of Content Marketing, Nora describes her target group like this: "Women around 30 on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In other words: power ladies who have children, jobs and private passions that make their day so intense that they need a boost now and then. And this is where Edition F comes into play, providing them with stories, service, an online academy until the end of March and a huge training happening called Female Future Force Day (4000 participants!). In between feminist figures will also be honored with an award. In short: The term "website" would be too short for Edition F.

On the website, Edition F does not use classical advertising but focuses on branded stories.

We had no desire for click-journalism and reach.

Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, Edition F

In other words, boosting ad sales with traffic maximization was not a question. Instead of that, they take content marketing that offered readers and brand customers added value, good stories and not the product in the focus. Preferably campaigns on many channels (Instagram!) and with "many gimmicks". Her favorite example: "She’s Mercedes " the campaign with which the car manufacturer wants to attract the female clientele. Fits Edition F: self-confident, stylish, sophisticated.

In the podcast Nora also talks about the very difficult past year, which was her "deepest slump" professionally. Edition F had to part with employees, others left voluntarily. The costs were too high, which is why the online academy is now being closed. A heart project of the two founders'. "We didn't really know how everything would continue," says Nora. In the end, Edition F closed the year with a profit, "which I would not have thought possible". Today Nora is looking ahead optimistically again.

What our new "Monster of Content Marketing" thinks about its feminist mission and the problems that women in Germany are still facing, what Edition F will do next and which very prominent customer Nora has turned down: You can find out all this here.

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