We believe that communication has to be useful or entertaining to benefit people. And that people’s attention is our most valuable asset.

When people give us their attention, we respect that gift – and give them relevant content in return. We avoid noise, because it destroys relationships and undermines trust. Nor do we deal in scandal, undermine or shock. We convince people. We move and inspire them. Which is why people listen to us and don’t tune out what we say. And why our work stands out in the noise.

Our focus: creative content

As an agency, we support our clients by developing outstanding products and services. But we also challenge them. We formulate clear opinions and lead people toward effective decisions. We know what makes content relevant to people, and what moves them.

Our focus is creative content – the real substance at the core. Our thinking is multi-disciplinary, with a strong emphasis on public relations, digital, film and advertising. Together with our clients, we select only an appropriate section from a portfolio that spans the full 360°. We operate in a variety of cities and companies – as one agency and as united teams.

We love compelling stories and believe in relevant content – that is what makes us the leading German agency group in all content-related matters and integrated communication. Our teams of authors, editors, copy-writers, format developers, filmmakers, designers, presenters, producers, programmers, strategists and advisors stand for a highly-developed digital mind-set, first-class technical know-how and well-established relations.

265 clients

relied on our services in 2018 – in the three core disciplines of public relations, film, and digital marketing provided by nine specialised agencies.

700 employees includingauthors6editors77copywriters54filmmakers49programmers52strategists21consultants229IT specialists18format developers24designer83administration87
Six Working languages

are part of our daily business: we speak German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. On top, part of our staff is also proficient in Portuguese or Russian.


of our staff are technicians in the broadest sense. Together with our content professionals, they make sure that our work always lives up tot he highest and latest standards.

over 100 awardsCannes Lions6Deutscher PR-Preis10Red Dot Design Award11ADC9Effie5DMMA5Bauwerk des Jahres1SABRE Awards6
Ten locations

Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt, Doha, Qatar (Associated Agency), and New York City. Seven offices have their own creative teams.

Twelve Editorial teams and content centres

search, discover, identify and tell authentic stories for all mediums: TV, print, online and social media.

74 International Partner Agencies

in two agency networks, in 64 countries and on five continents. We team up to cooperate on numerous projects and new business opportunities. Together with ten agencies, we have established a staff exchange programme.

An executive board of five

plus fifteen Managing Directors head and lead the agency group. Founded by Andreas and Bernhard Fischer-Appelt in 1986, the group has been independent and growth-minded ever since.

Zero Tolerance

for dull stories

We are familiar with the regional specifics of east and west as well as north and south. We know the highly diverse media landscape and the behaviour of consumers in Germany, the rest of Europe the Middle East as well as the United States.. We are working closely with agencies from five continents who are organised in networks such as PROI Worldwide and thenetworkone.