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Future Mobility Lab

Moving more together

In March 2022, we founded the Future Mobility Lab – a consortium to promote sustainable mobility behaviour as a joint venture with the Institute for Mobility at the University of St. Gallen (IMO-HSG)  and the system change company SYSTEMIQ . The declared goal is to have a real influence on the mobility behaviour of all people and to play an active role in shaping the current revolution in mobility. Because, in addition to a compelling range of mobility options, a successful turnaround in transport needs one thing above all: an active decision by the people to choose these options.

More than 20 members
are now part of the Future Mobility Lab - including cities, associations and central mobility service providers in Germany and Switzerland. We conduct joint studies, discuss the implications of the findings and thereby demonstrate the central importance of collaboration (business/science/politics) in shaping the mobility of the future.

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Moving more together – with the 'Future Mobility Lab'

In 'New Mobility Buddies', our first joint study, we are currently addressing the question of which factors individuals use to make their daily decisions about mobility and which general conditions can be used to positively influence these decisions. We are working over a four-month period with a total of 20 households from Berlin (DE), Hamburg (DE), St. Gallen (CH) and Zurich (CH), which firstly represent a high demographic variance, and secondly reflect the situation and options available in the inner city, suburbs and rural areas. The households are assigned a personal 'Mobility Buddy' for the duration of the study, who guides them through the study phase and selects the mobility change according to their previous, personal mobility behaviour. We will be communicating the findings from March 2023.

Do you want to find out more? Or perhaps want to become part of the Future Mobility Lab?

Then get in touch with us at any time and – stay tuned! 🌱


Nicole Platzer

Head of Communications - Future Mobility Lab