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Reputation management & crisis communication

As a crisis communications agency, fischerAppelt, advisors  considers the topics of crisis communications and reputation management to be closely related.

Crisis PR often involves an ad-hoc strategy to keep reputational damage to a minimum. We take a more holistic approach to reputation management: How can one sustainably strengthen the reputation of a company, an institution or a public figure?

Within both areas, we believe that standard concepts will only get you so far. Our approach: a customised solution with a strategy ready to be translated into concrete actions immediately.

Crisis communication

We help companies and institutions optimise their crisis response. The aim is to gain process reliability and confidence in dealing with critical issues, enabling rapid and strategic action in an emergency. To this end, we offer the entire spectrum of crisis prevention at both thematic and strategic levels, as well as organisational consulting and the testing of crisis scenarios.

Advisors Krisenkommunikation

The fischerAppelt, advisors team consists of experienced consultants in the crisis communications field, some of whom have spent years managing crisis communications inside companies. We are available for ad-hoc assignments and provide support in acute crisis management and crisis communication issues.

As a crisis communications agency, fischerAppelt, advisors can support you with the following:

  • How do we act in an acute communications crisis and regain the power of interpretation?

  • How do we behave in the event of negative reporting? In an acute shitstorm?

  • How do we best prepare for potential crises such as a cyber attack, an accident, or a compliance incident?

  • How do we handle issue management? How do we recognise early on which issues could jeopardise our reputation, and how do we deal with them strategically?

  • How do we set up a crisis communications manual and implement the procedures and its content within the company?

  • How can we realistically test a crisis scenario, and what lessons can we learn from it?

  • How do we prepare for public appearances?

  • How do we approach interviews with journalists?

  • How can we improve our reputation after a crisis?

Our portfolio:

  • Acute crisis response

  • Crisis prevention and incident management

  • Crisis communication manual

  • Software-assisted crisis scenario tests (in collaboration with our partner Prevency )

  • Software-assisted shitstorm scenarios (in cooperation with our partner Prevency)

  • Media training

  • Compact workshop: The basics of crisis communication

Every reputation is unique. As with a brand, a company's desired reputation can also be strategically positioned.

Reputation management

We help improve and strengthen the reputation of companies and institutions. We start by determining the status quo and work together to develop a strategy with appropriate measures that will positively impact future reputation.

We can help you with the following:

  • What is the current reputation attributed to our company/institution?

  • Our reputation reflects poor values - where and how can we counteract this?

  • Which reputation do we want to be associated with internally and externally?

  • How can we improve our internal and external reputation in the short, medium and long term?

  • How can we raise our company's awareness of reputation management?

  • How can we anchor reputation management in our department/company in the long term?

I associate a clear strategy, rapid implementation and visible success with fischerAppelt, advisors. They really help us. And they always have an open ear.

Moritz Luft, Managing Director Sylt Marketing Gmbh

Our portfolio:

  • (Qualitative) Reputation analysis and image-building analysis

  • Reputation assessment

  • Individual reputation positioning

  • Reputation strategy and strategic agenda management

  • Reputation monitoring, reputation reports

  • CEO positioning

  • Compact workshop: Reputation management

  • Further training to become a reputation agent

Let's talk about your specific challenge. We are happy to provide you with an initial consultation.

You can contact us through

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Director Strategy

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