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360 degrees with a digital focus: fischerAppelt launches brand campaign for Techniker Krankenkasse

Robert is a professional basketball player. At Christmas, he is diagnosed with stage four cancer. Today Robert is no longer a professional basketball player. Instead, he produces healthy cereal bars and inspires others with his story.

The health insurance Techniker Krankenkasse  (TK) focuses on its policyholders and their health. They live independently and try to realise their dreams – but sometimes fate intervenes and makes them question their plans for the future. Then it is a really good thing to have a strong partner by your side. TK takes up this idea in its communications and is launching its first 360-degree brand campaign.

The focus is on the policyholders and their stories.

At the centre of the campaign titled “My Journey” are four TK policyholders who tell their stories in various TV, cinema and online clips. Based on true stories, the campaign shows how people can overcome tough personal challenges with the help of the community. All their ups and downs are shown in equal measure, without euphemisms. Always guided by this motto: Going our own way, together – and talking about it. It was directed by Grimme Award winner Florian Meimberg.
One of the four policyholders is Florian Mundt, better known as LeFloid on YouTube. In the past, he wanted to become a surgeon. Then a bicycle accident threw a spanner in the works, and today he is a YouTube idol. He shares his story in a long video on his channel  and in the TK clip.

Fischer Appelt - TK

All sales collateral takes visitors to landing pages  where the four people’s stories are told and followed up in more detail. The campaign hashtag #WIREINANDER (“we together”) links the digital platform  with the campaign’s extension on YouTube, the content on the social media channels and the testimonial landing pages.

The campaign is also extended by other YouTubers

The campaign will be extended by the videos designed and produced by Endemol, featuring six additional YouTube stars. Well-known German YouTubers like GarNichz, Mr Trashpack and Nilz Bokelberg take up the campaign’s theme “Going our own way, together” in their videos, and also provide insights into their own health story. You can watch the cinematically staged clips on the various YouTubers’ respective channels.


  • New Media Award 2015 - Bronze
  • Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation 2015