Terres des Femmes


Opening the discussion on violence against women

Language in rap. Conventionally pure violence against women. Philipp und Keuntje joined arms with Terre des Femmes in the fight against rap lyrics that incite violence against women.


German rap is the soundtrack of a whole generation. And it regularly glorifies violence against women. But the rhymed rape fantasies and violent outbursts have consequences. They turn verbal violence against women into something normal. PUK created awareness for what we (over)hear every day.

We took a strike at rappers with their own weapon: their lyrics. Read by women and with all bling, glitzy music videos and booming beats removed, only one thing is typically left in rap songs: pure misogyny. #UNHATEWOMEN has drawn attention to this hate in an unspectacular yet shocking way.

We took a strike at rappers with their own weapon: their lyrics.


The result

Our campaign sparked a true movement. It opened the discussion and lead to real consequences: Rappers reacted, the press reported, and an entire genre was thrown under scrutiny. Politicians acted. Certain songs from the campaign were banned. And laws were passed against online hate speech.

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#UNHATEWOMEN becomes a big hit

The campaign spread like a wildfire through the social media. In figures: 10 million social media impressions and 46 million earned media impressions.

And it wasn't only the community that was controversial. Rap media distanced themselves from rap and mainstream media took up the issue online, in print media and on TV.

The politicians acted and passed the law against hate speech on the internet.


Torben Hansen

Chief Strategy Officer