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The Sylt campaign Catapult Air attracts attention

The train journey to Sylt is one of the most unreliable routes in Germany. Cancelled trains and delays are a daily occurrence. Residents of Sylt need a clear initiative to ensure politicians finally address the issue after decades of ignorance.


Instead of attack or compassion, Philipp and Keuntje relied on the explosive power of humor. With North German pragmatism, Sylters presented themselves in a low-budget film with their airline "Catapult Air" in order to make themselves independent of the railroad.

One huge wave of sympathy and solidarity would make it impossible for politicians to continue ignoring the situation. Only three months after the film was launched, the Federal Minister of Transport released funding for the track upgrade.

Mission accomplished

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Creativity beats expensive media budgets: Instead of forcing public interest through expensive media placement, we have managed to get the press to report on the urgency of the marsh development on a voluntary basis.

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Torben Hansen

Chief Strategy Officer