Merck: Internal Branding with Virtual Reality

The focus of this campaign: a VR Brand Dome that brings to life a new brand.

The science and technology company Merck underwent major rebranding. ’Fascinating and dynamic science and technology’ are the focus of this new brand. The company wants to instill this fascination in the heart of its activities – starting with its employees.

The Virtual Reality Brand Dome of Merck

We worked together with Merck to devise a fun approach to science and technology and to implement the internal rebranding campaign: The Virtual Reality Brand Dome. The striking and elaborate exhibition in the Merck-design with VR glasses invites the employees to discover the brand with all their senses.

The firm from Darmstadt wants to create an emotional experience through its Virtual Reality Brand Dome. For just a few minutes, the employees forget the outside world and dive into Merck’s. Using three games that introduce and bring to life the most important brand elements, the employees interact with and build a better understanding of brand ideas.

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Diving into the New Brand Identity of Merck

Cells and other mercrobes reveal a different world under the microscope. The goal of the VR Brand Dome is to allow employees to dive headfirst into this world and to create a fascinating brand experience. And what better way to achieve this than through virtual reality – one of the greatest technology trends of recent years?