ContactTelekom: Digitalization. Easy. Do.
Telekom: Digitalization. Easy. Do.

Deutsche Telekom

Telekom: Digitalization. Easy. Do.

Tv commercial


Deutsche Telekom digitizes the middle class with an integrated communication campaign on tv, print, digital, content and social media marketing.

We have designed a new, big advertising campaign for the Deutsche Telekom. The integrated communication campaign covers the sectors of tv, print, digital, content and social media marketing. The 30-seconds tv commercial will be shown on public channels.

3.6 million small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany are called upon to support the Deutsche Telekom’s business customer offer to accelerate their digitization strategy. The campaign appeals winkingly to the ethos and pride of the entrepreneurs: “You are not a lame-laying-loser. You are not a maybe-fluffy. You are a doer. And we help you with that. We make the middle class digital,” is said in the spot. Telekom wants to convey that medium-sized companies, as doers and fitters, are the backbone of the German economy and that companies can become true digitizers with the help of Telekom’s product range.