ContactSay hello to speciäl A website in true umlaut style


Say hello to speciäl A website in true umlaut style

Futurte Friendly

headless architecture


A state-of-the-art solution for modern web design techniques with plenty of creative finesse

Our digital agency employed the latest web design techniques and a future-friendly approach when designing the corporate website of the new company umlaut to ensure a consistent customer experience for all devices and touchpoints. ‘Easter Eggs’ and ‘Hidden Gems’ hidden all throughout the website form the interactive ‘on töp’ for both internal and external visitors.

New brand – new website

Management consulting and engineering are dull and boring topics? This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fork joined forces with the global management consulting and engineering service provider P3 group AG on the extraordinary journey to get to the roots of its brand. P3 has become umlaut AG . The motto: An umlaut is more than just a common letter – the two small dots transform the letter into a special kind of vowel. That's precisely what makes the service provider umlaut and the management consultancy and engineering firm so special. In order to translate this new brand essence into an online format, the briefing required not just support and work enthusiasm but also ingenuity and creativity.

And that's exactly why it fits between Fork Unstable Media and their mission "We change the web for the better" and us immediately.

From pitch to completed website in less than six months

The biggest challenge of this project: time. Only a few weeks after the pitch, the foundation for the new corporate identity had been formed with basic structures and tonality, as well as a rough design for the website content. The new brand was scheduled to be announced a mere five months later – including the launch of the corporate website. That was our kick-off. The core brand idea of umlaut “proven and unconventional” provided the starting point for the concept. As a standard base, a corporate website provides the user with all relevant information on the company – and in a way that can be described as anything but conventional. ‘Easter Eggs’ and ‘Hidden Gems’ hidden throughout the entire website transform each user journey into a special experience. It certainly required a lot of planning to fit such a tight schedule...

Our colleagues from Rocket & Wink  developed the corporate design. We translated it all for the web.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We gathered experts from all trades in the small Fork  team. Short lines of communications, joint solution development and focussed documentation enabled us to produce and agree on results in a quick and direct manner. The weekly catch-up meetings with all participants on our top floor proved key for the perfect coordination and teamwork.

And the results are clear to see: with the latest web technologies, we created an experience that breaks with traditional patterns and helps the brand stand out with the use of illustrations, animation and interactions. A fluid design system enables a smooth user experience on all end devices. Our technical set-up with Craft CMS and GraphQL benefited a ‘headless architecture’, whereby data can be entered separately and published independent of the output device. All content is stored in its raw format, making it easy to use in many different channels. The end result was a ‘future-friendly’ approach for  which facilitates adaptation and flexibility for future use cases. And, ultimately, a website that’s fun to use.

A fluid design system enables a smooth user experience on all end devices – enabling to adapt to future use cases.

A flying fortune cookie on the cookie layer, a logo that adapts to scrolling movements and hidden notes with additional information – our goal was to bring the unconventional brand to life with equally extraordinary interactions.